I’m So Lonesome I Could…drink out of the milk carton?

For the first two years of college, I have had a roommate or two, but after my sophomore year, we decided to respectfully part and go on to try different things. I couldn’t find a roommate, so I have lived alone for the past year. The first month on my own was awkward. I’d come home and everything was quiet and still, everything was in its place, and I didn’t wonder what was going to be behind my door.

I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, how is that awkward? You can do whatever you want.” Well, when you are so accustomed to randomness and chaos and it comes to a screeching halt, it does get awkward. But I quickly adjusted because I learned about all the cool things I can do when I don’t have roommates.

I can:

  • Drink out of the milk/juice carton
  • Buy the groceries that I want
  • Not wonder who ate all the groceries that I bought
  • Not have arguments with roommates on who ate all the groceries after they said, “I don’t even eat that stuff” and you walk into the kitchen and catch them eating the things they said they didn’t eat
  • Watch movies that aren’t terrible
  • Listen to music that doesn’t make me want to scratch my eyes out
  • Go to bed without earplugs in my ear
  • Cook the food I want to eat
  • Take a nap on the couch without being interrupted
  • Do my homework/study (ha just kidding)
  • Wear sweatpants without being ridiculed
  • Take a long hot shower and not worry about using all the hot water
  • Know that there is going to be hot water for a shower
  • Leave my door open without worry that someone is going to barge in and tell me, “Hey come watch this cool play I did on NCAA”
  • Not deal with all the drama of girlfriends of roommates

Most of these things can be/have been done in the nude too. Of course now that I have a roommate, he doesn’t really like seeing all the things that I did while living alone…especially the things that I did in a “natural” state.

Oh well.

I think that this year is going to be a good one now that I don’t have to worry if someone is going to find me if I fall in the shower and break my hip or start choking on food. At least I hope he’ll help me.

3 responses to “I’m So Lonesome I Could…drink out of the milk carton?

  1. Haha:)) great post! You are getting the hang of this blog! I was hoping for something about dairy but the milk was the touch baha…. && I must say I am interested to hear about yours and austins experience as roommate. I feel as if it will include many comical stories.


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