Just Sitting Outside of Biochem Recitation

Um hey everyone. I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry. Busy doing work and being sexy. Mostly doing work.

So I’m sitting outside of biochem recitation (see title) and just observing people and couldn’t help but overhearing their conversations because I was eavesdropping. Let me tell you something, their are some crazy people in here.

Take for instance girl in jeans and long sleeve shirt. She’s talking on the phone with someone about how hot she is because this morning it was cool outside. That’s right I said COOL. Not cold. It’s currently 97. Fail.

The guy at the end of the table I’m sitting at is drenched in sweat. His face is red. He may have a heart attack because he is breathing extremely hard. And the worst part about that is he smells like onions. Like his shirt though. It’s Beavis and Butthead.

There is a guy reading Harry Potter.

There is a group of guys talking about the Halo party they had this weekend.

There’s a girl talking on the phone about how her roommate bought a dress EXACTLY like her dress, only it’s a different color and style.

There’s a guy that may or my not be Demetri Martin.

Someone just said that they were gonna dunk their ring in a margarita.

A guy is wearing a PFG shirt, Sperry’s, and cutoff jorts. Yes. I said it. Jorts. A frat punker. Well now I’ve seen everything.

There’s a handsome looking fellow playing on his phone. Oh wait that’s me.


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