The Music I Want

I love music. All kinds of music. Rap to rock. Country to opera. Kidding. No opera. I wish I had unlimted income to buy all the songs in the world, but sadly, I don’t have a job nor a money tree. If I did have a ton of cash lying around though, I’d make for dang sure I had every song these bands/artists ever wrote in the history of anything ever. This is the music I want.

Lil’ Wayne. Weezy F. Whatever you call him, he’s the greatest rapper alive. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing on a track, he makes it better. Love him or hate him, he’s on top of green like a lawn chair for a reason. I;ve professed my love for him several times to several people. I mean love for his music. You know what I mean.

AC/DC. They’ve been a staple in rock music since 1973. They’re still touring, still writing music, and still showing everyone how it’s done. From “Highway to Hell” to “Back in Black” you can’t think of a song that isn’t good. I know I’ve said that “If you don’t love AC/DC, you hate America” several times in my life. (Even though they’re from Australia).

Led Zeppelin. Three words: Stairway to Heaven. It’s probably one of the greatest songs of all time played on guitar by one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimmy Page. Everyone knows it, even if they think that if you play it backwards it has a message to the Devil. It doesn’t. Even if it did, who cares? My mom said they played it at graduations and proms were themed to it. And it’s not just “Stairway” that’s good, a lot of their songs are good. Own the “Mothership” (Greatest Hits) CD and all the songs are good, but they it doesn’t have ALL the songs. They were hard rock, heavy metal, psychedelic drug trip before that was even the thing to be. Gotta have them.

Van Halen Pre 1985. Yeah. That’s before Sammy Hagar became the lead singer. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Sammy Hagar and I aren’t on speaking terms. I’ve never met the guy, but he kinda ruined the band. Not important. David Lee Roth was better. The band rocked hard with him. The partying, the drinking, the drugs, unchained, raw, rock power couldn’t be compared between Roth and Hagar. But the real reason that I love Van Halen is Eddie playing the guitar. Go listen to “Eruption” and not tell me he’s one of the greatest of all time. (I’d like to thank Alex Van Halen for sneaking into Eddie’s room to play his drumset.

Jimi Hendrix. Do I really NEED to say more? The man played the guitar UPSIDE DOWN! He is the guitarist that everyone wants to be like, and if anyone says that they know someone better, they’re liars. No one is better.  Everyone post-Jimi wanted to produce his sound, but no one will ever come close to it. Yeah, he did a lot of drugs and wrote songs about doing drugs and dies because of his drug use. He changed the game. I think about what it would be like if he was still around writing or got to do it a little longer. Things to ponder at night.

The Rolling Stones. They were the bizzaro-Beatles. Everything that the Beatles were, they weren’t. In all honesty, I think that The Stones are better than the Beatles. Ed Sullivan banned them from his show from the pandemonium they caused on his show from the following. That’s right BANNED THEM from The Ed Sullivan Show. Everyone knows a Rolling Stones’ song. Everyone wants to move like Jagger. Why? The Stones are that good. I mean look at Keith Richards. He  looks like he’s about to croak over at any moment and yet he’s still alive.

Pink Floyd. They achieved worldwide success with their progressive and psychedelic rock music. Their work is marked by the use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, innovative album art, and elaborate live shows. “Dark Side of the Moon,” “The Wall,” and “Wish You Were Here” are albums that help them acheive worldwide critical and commercial success. I see people wearing a “Dark Side of the Moon” t-shirt every now and again. I own one. They took acid trips to the max and did a dang good job doing it.

Bad Company. If you follow me on twitter or a friend of mine on Facebook, you know that “Feel Like Making Love” is pretty much the story of my life. It’s not a bad song. It’s really a sweet song. (Ladies…listen to it.) This song isn’t the only good one. A lot of their songs are good. They’re a supergroup. Supergroups tend to write good music. Hence the success of Bad Company.

Ozzy Osbourne. Yes, he is “The Prince of Darkness.” Yes, he bit the head off a bat. Yes, he urinated on the Alamo. Yes, he has pudding for brains from years of heavy drug use. But let me tell you something, Ozzy is an entertainer with his music. He’s heavy metal. He is what real heavy metal is.  He wrote his music. You got in his head. Yeah, it’s dark and scary at times, but he was writing good music. He wrote from the heart and for the woman that saved his life, Sharon, his wife. I want to meet her, just so I can thank her for keep Ozzy alive to keep making music.

Johnny Cash. I’m not talking about love story, “Walk the Line” Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Cash. I’m talking about The Man in Black. He was the outlaw that started Outlaw Country. The man who shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. Although he is primarily remembered as a country music artist, his songs and sound spanned many other genres including rockabilly and rock and roll, as well as blues, folk, and gospel. Known for his deep, distinctive bass-baritone voice, for his rebelliousness, coupled with an increasingly somber and humble demeanor and providing free concerts inside prison walls. He was the “biggest sinner of them all,” he declared, but his music was like it came from the heavens above.

Hank Williams. If there was a man who we lost too soon in music, it’s Hank Williams. My uncle would be proud of me. That’s who actually exposed me to Hank. He was a special artist. You could feel his music. You could feel him hurting inside. He got the ball rolling on country and rock music. Many rock and roll pioneers of the 1950s recorded Williams’s songs early in their careers, including Elvis. Johnny Cash may be the greatest man on country music, but he has to thank Hank for getting him there.

Of course this is a short list of artists I’d get if I could download all the songs. Like I said, I love all kinds of music. I’m what you call “eclectic” in the musical arts. It makes no difference to me what is on the radio (minus the music of this generation) I’m probably going to like it. Maybe not techno. Sorry Moby. You’re terrible. You don’t know me, you’re too old. Let go, it’s over, nobody listens to techno.


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