My Drug Problem

Today I decided to leave my phone at home. There’s something out there that says that people who have smart phones and are separated from them will have side effects similar to drug withdrawals. Being cocky, I thought, “I could do that. I really don’t need my phone.” I was so wrong.

I don’t know if karma was after me or what, but I could feel the withdrawal starting right when I left my apartment. My body was moving towards my truck, but my mind wanted to go back inside to get it. It knew I forgot something. Something that it needed.

The drive to class wasn’t so bad. Had some tunes going, playing the guitar on the steering wheel, singing the words to the part of the song I thought I knew until… is it stuffy in here? Gosh it’s so stuffy and hot. Let’s turn the AC on. Nope higher. HIGHER. Is that as high as it goes? Now I’m cold. AC off. Now it’s hot. What in the hell? Withdrawal!

Medical microbiology was a bore. Well that’s not a surprise really. It always is. The teacher sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown. I wanted to gouge my eyes out. It was hell.

I felt like I was quitting smoking. I needed my phone, but I knew it was bad for me. I did feel that parting with my phone wasn’t good either. I could feel toxins boiling up inside me. My head was hurting. My heart was pounding. My palms were clammy. I felt like I was getting sick.

Withdrawal pains hitting me hard.

I was edgy and short with my lab partner in biochemistry. Reminded me of a friend who wanted a cigarette, but didn’t have any money to go buy them. I wanted to punch a hole through them. They couldn’t do anything right. If they weren’t a girl, they would have had a fat lip.

Although I felt all that stress, I felt quite liberated. I didn’t have to worry about my phone. I focused in class. I paid attention to thinks that I normally wouldn’t see. Like all the pretty girls on West Campus. Lots of pretty girls.

I felt free. I felt like if I had more and more days like this, I could eventually do this all the time. No phone. No electronics. Nothing. Seems reasonable, right?

I’m going to try it. Cutting down on my phone usage. It going to start right now.

The irony: I wrote this on my phone.


3 responses to “My Drug Problem

  1. It’s hard, I know! We are so used to fidgeting and fussing. I miss the days when people were walking and by them selves every now and again. Now it seems no body knows how to be alone.


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