My Crazy Dream

So last night I had a crazy dream. I was in a Triple-A ballpark and I was watching the Yankees lose to some Triple-A squad and Alex Rodriguez was doing terrible. The stands were filled with a lot of my friends and family, nothing crazy, right? Well slowly more and more people are showing up, and it’s the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals. Of course in my dream, I’m best friends with all the players and we’re all shooting the bull and giving Pujols a hard time for being terrible post game 3 history night (5-6, 3 HR if you care).

Anyway, everyone is booing A-Rod every time they see his face. I get quite parched from booing and decide to go get a Sno-Cone. I walk up to the Sno-Cone stand and ask for my usual Tiger’s Blood flavor. I ask the guy how much it costs and the only thing he says in the most serious voice you can think of is “money.”

I am so blown away at how simple his answer is, I wake myself up in the middle of the night from my hysterical laughter just thinking about what he said.

“How much does this cost?”


Does this mean I’m crazy? I mean it was a dream.


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