I’m Older Now, But…

I listen to “Against the Wind” by Bob Seger on my birthday every year. I really like it. It seems to fit more and each year. I think everyone can take something from the song. It’s just about a guy who just ages and goes through life and looks back, reflecting on it all.

It just hits me on a pretty deep level. He’s reflecting on the promises of young love and just wishing he didn’t know what was going to happen just he can have those strong, powerful emotions again. They didn’t know what was going to happen, they just let it happen. “[They] were young and strong and running against the wind.”

Then he talks about people that said they were going to be friends forever only to find out they weren’t really friends. They were strangers pulling away from his normal life that he knew. He just lost his way through the drama of life. He could go so many directions, but all he wanted was something stable, a “shelter against the wind.”

As an older man, he looks back on it all. His life is different than what it was. He has more to thing about and his priorities are different, but no matter what age or how old he gets, he’s still going to be “running against the wind.”

I encourage you to go listen to it. It’s a very powerful song and you can take what you want from it, but this is what I’ve learned from it and what I’ve taken from it. That’s the great thing about Seger’s songwriting, he’s very broad and vague, but at the same time very deep. You can take what he’s singing and twist it to how it fits you and that’s why I like his music.

Here are the lyrics and a video of the song. Take what you want from it. That’s the power behind music. You can make it how you want it. Enjoy.


Seems like yesterday
But it was long ago
Janey was lovely she was the queen of my nights
There in darkness with the radio playin low
And the secrets that we shared, mountains that we moved
Caught like a wildfire out of control
Til there was nothin left to burn and nothin left to prove

And I remember what she said to me
How she swore that it never would end
I remember how she held me oh so tight
Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then

Against the wind
We were runnin against the wind
We were young and strong we were runnin against the wind

And the years rolled slowly past
And I found myself alone
Surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends
Found myself further and further from my home and I
Guess I lost my way
There were oh so many roads
I was livin to run and runnin to live
Never worried about payin or even how much I owe

Movin’ eight miles a minute and for months at a time
Breakin all of the rules that would bend
I began to find myself searchin
Searchin for shelter again and again

Against the wind
Little somethin against the wind
I found myself seekin shelter against the wind

Well those drifting days are past me now
I’ve got so much more to think about
Deadlines and commitments
What to leave in, what to leave out

Against the wind
I’m still runnin against the wind
I’m older now but still runnin against the wind


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