Christmas in November?

I love Christmas. I love the holiday. Being an Aggie, I love the traditions we have as a family. From my cousins and I getting together at my grandparents house and walking in the living room and seeing all the presents to climbing into the attic and bringing the tree and lights down to the argument that ensues from trying to put the tree and lights up. Last year fists almost started flying (Note to self: don’t piss off mom).

I love it all. It’s a great time, but I’ve got one HUGE problem: it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Thanksgiving is overlooked. People forget about it. For girls, it goes from Halloween to “It’s the month before December so I can start playing Christmas music” to Christmas time.

Back the truck up. You’re missing the holiday that, by law, you have to not have school/work, you have to stuff your face with food until you’re about to throw up, and watch the Cowboys play in the afternoon and the Aggies and Sips play in prime time. To me, that’s the best holiday. Food, family, and football. Can life get any better, I submit that it cannot!

Now I do get giddy like a small child when I see all the commercials for Christmas stuff and I see all the stuff for lights and decorating and Christmas themed t-shirts that I’m notorious for wearing during finals week, but come on, we’ve still have a month of some of the best football and eating before we start getting into bowl season and presents.

I love Christmas and I love the holiday time, but we’re not giving Thanksgiving a chance anymore. It kills me. Quit overlooking people. It’s the best time of year to be with family and enjoy great football. Respect the holiday, please? For Jaybird?

I will say this though, when the clock hits zero in the A&M-tu game, the Christmas season will start in my apartment. (Sorry Austin).


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