Until the Death

I’ve watched a lot of Aggie football games in my life. I’ve seen a lot of heartbreak, but I still stand for them, waiting to be called upon if I am needed. I’d die for this team whether we were 13-0 or 0-13. I’m still an Aggie and as long as there maroon and white and as long as there’s a Texas A&M University, that’s how I’ll always be. I’d never quit on this team. Not now. Not ever. I’m always proud to be an Aggie. I’ll never put my head down in shame nor will I hide my colors. This is my favorite team and I’d never quit supporting them because I’ve never seen them quit.

I’ll always yell for them until I’m hoarse and can’t speak. I’ll always stand for them until my body can’t move anymore. I’ll always be an Aggie until the death of me, win, lose, or tie.

Gig ’em Ags.


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