My Opinion of Toddlers and Tiaras

Toddlers and Tiaras makes me want to punch blind kittens in the face. What mother would do that to their child? A crazy one. I was walking into the house and it was on TV and this woman is yelling at her 4 year old daughter to stop crying and get ready for the pageant. The girl is sick and coughing and looks sick. she needs medicine and rest. I’m no doctor, but that’s what she needs.

This one girl has been in so many pageants that she has an alter ego. What the truck is wrong with that? She’s been sprayed with hairspray too many times. Her mom told her she has to do good and if she didn’t she was getting a Mountain Dew so she can stay up to get her routine right.

One mom told her daughter that she wasn’t good enough and stormed off while her daughter was crying. She’s 5.

On top of that, their dads are into it too. I’m sorry, I thought men didn’t care about stuff like this. One dad cried because his daughter won third. That’s three strikes. No more Man Card. You broke every rule in the Bro Code.

That’s ridiculous. These moms should be thrown in prison. They starve their kids, slather them with chemicals, then pump them full of sugar and caffeine and expect them to perform normally. That has to be child abuse or something.

Makes me sick to my stomach. Why can’t they do normal things like play with dolls and talk about boys and stickers?

…or whatever girls talk about.

This show is stupid. Take it off the air TLC. Do it for America.


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