A Trip to Taco Bell

One night I was on my way to my girlfriend’s house and being the awesome guy that I am I asked if she wanted anything to eat. She said she wanted Taco Bell. I know she wanted nachos and a burrito, so I drive that way.

The line in the drive thru is 4 or 5 cars deep and I think to myself, “I’ll go inside. There’s no one in there I’ll be in and out in a flash.”

In hindsight, this was a mistake.

I walk inside right up to the counter and here is the dialogue between me and the cashier:

Cashier: Hi, welcome to Taco Bell.

Me: Howdy. (Looking at the board)…I don’t see JUST nachos with just the chips and the cheese…

Cashier: Oh they’re just chips that you can dip into cheese.

Me: (Puzzled look on my face) …what?

Cashier: That’s what nachos are.

Me: Oh. I was unaware of this.

Cashier: It’s ok. A lot of people don’t know that.

Me: (Sarcastically) REALLY? Wow. People are missing out.

Cashier: Will that be all? That will bring your total to 86 cents.

Me: (Annoyed) …but I’m not done.

Cashier: Oh I’m sorry sir. What else?

Me: I need a bean burrito with no sour cream on it.

Cashier: Your total is now $1.81.

Me: (Slightly more annoyed) I’m still not finished.

Cashier: Sigh…Ok, what else, sir?

Me: (Even more annoyed) Did you just sigh at me?

Cashier: Oh. No sir. I didn’t. (Smart ass smirk)

Me: (Blood boiling blank stare into her soul)…I’ll have two chalupas and a…

Cashier: Your total is…

Me: I am NOT finished with my order! I have money! I am the only person in here! Let me finish MY order and then YOU can tell me MY total. You got that?

Cashier: I’m sorry sir. What else?

Me: A thing of cinnamon twists and I’ll be out of your hair.

Cashier: Your total is…

Me: Here’s a $10 bill. Keep the change. Please, keep the change.

I then proceeded to take all the sauce and napkins like an old woman and peeled out in the parking lot.

Take THAT Taco Bell.


3 responses to “A Trip to Taco Bell

  1. With all that chalupa and burrito talk now I’M wanting a little T Bell! Hopefully my experience will be more pleasant than yours, which is to be expected since they practically know me by name.

    Wait, did I just admit that out loud?


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