Getting Lost

As I ski with some new friends I am reminded of one of the first times that I went skiing as a kid. I was around 10 years old or so and I was with my dad and cousins and a few family friends. We were making the last run of the day and the run we were on you could go either to the left to one resort or right to the resort that we were staying that was in town. The group went right and in all the confusion of the crowd that I was forced to the left of the trail. The next thing I know, I’m all alone on a trail that my dad isn’t on.

So you can imagine that my panic level went through the roof. I calmed myself down enough to say to myself that I was just going to find my way back myself like it was no big deal. I skied the way down to a ski lift and I asked the guy operating the lift how to get back to whatever the name of our resort was and he helped me out. I got on the lift and made my way up to the top.

While riding the reality of being alone sunk in and hit me like a ton of bricks. I cried like a baby thinking to myself that I was going to have to be here all alone and live in the mountains and never seen my family again. I was going to be stuck with a third grade education and no food forever. It literally scared the hell out of me thinking this, but I was hell bent on finding my way back.

As I got to the top the attendant stopped the lift, opened the door and smoke poured out of the operating booth.

“Hey man, are you lost?” he asked.


“Cool. You’re dad is coming. I’m going inside now.”

The booth then filled back up with smoke. Looking back on it, I think that he was doing something that he shouldn’t be doing.

Anyway, I waited for my dad and when he got off the lift we just had an embrace that lasted for a few minutes. We skied back down to the bottom and my dad told me and everyone that skied with us that we will NEVER speak of this moment to my mother or anyone.

Few years later, we’re planning another trip to go skiing and my cousin with his BIG MOUTH asks my mom if we are going to the same place that I got lost. She was not amused at my father and I explaining why I got lost.


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