My Trip to a Strip Club

Ok, so I didn’t actually go to a strip club, but a close friend of mine was telling me of a trip he had to a strip club and it went something along the lines of this.

He was around 20 years old and a close friend of his was getting married and his bachelor party was at a strip club. My friend drives out to the club and meets his friend and the rest of the party. They all walk in and sit down, and soon after that, two naked women come in and sit down on his lap. He puts his arm around them and is just having a good time with everyone and doesn’t think anything of it.

He paused around this time of the story and stated that about 9 minutes later, the bouncer grabs him and literally throws him out of the club. Apparently, you cannot touch the strippers in a strip club.

“There ain’t a sign. There ain’t no rules. There ain’t nothin’ in there to say you cannot touch those strippers in that club,” he said.

He said he spent the next 30 minutes talking to the bouncer and owner of the strip club to try and convince them that he had no alcohol in his system and that he was just being courteous to those girls by putting his arm around them so they wouldn’t fall out of his lap.

“I’m telling you, that’s torture telling a 20 year old kid not to put his arm around a pretty naked woman sitting in his lap. What kind of a guy would I be if I didn’t put my arm around a naked women sitting in my lap? What if they had fallen and gotten hurt? I would feel responsible because they were sitting in my lap and that would have ruined my evening. I was doing it for the sakes of both parties involved.”

So the lesson you should learn from all of this is: if you ever go to a strip club, DO NOT TOUCH THE STRIPPERS (even if you’re doing it out of courtesy) or you will get thrown out.


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