Sipping on Coffee

Coffee makes me feel like a man for some reason. Maybe because my neighbors are still in bed from a late night of partying (on a Monday? I know, right?) and I’m sipping on coffee like I’ve accomplished something.

“Oh hey what have you been doing?”

*sips coffee* A lot.

I like the smell of coffee in the morning and looking out my window while I drink it. Like I own land and I’m looking at all of it and all my success comes from the land that I own.

I don’t own any land. I live in an apartment and the only thing I can see is the parking lot and the building across the parking lot.

Truth is, I haven’t really done anything. I just woke up and I’m just so tired that I needed a jolt of something in my system to get me going.

……but I’m going to keep telling myself that I’ve accomplished something this morning by getting out of bed.


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