I Know Who You Are

I love Great Divide ice cream from Blue Bell. It’s got chocolate and vanilla. Two flavors of ice cream living in harmony. They’re one group.

The secret to eating to the ice cream is to get some vanilla and some chocolate in each bite. Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate.

After a long day of class, I’m exhausted. I need something in my stomach to comfort me and the first thing I think of is “I have ice cream in my freezer.” I hurry home drooling all over myself thinking about it, get a bowl out, grab the ice cream, open the container, and what do I find out? Someone has eaten all the vanilla out of the tub!

Now, I understand people wanting vanilla ice cream, but they make half gallon tubs of just vanilla ice cream. But no, they had to go off and eat just the vanilla. No chocolate. Didn’t touch it.

This was not only rude, but very racist. People wonder why racial harmony eludes us. This is one reason. The ice cream can live in harmony, why can’t we? If people would only turn to the ice cream, problems would be solved. The world would be happier, but my problem is still the fact that I still have only a tub that says “Great Divide” with only the chocolate part in it.

I know who did it too and I have a simple message to them: I know where you live, I know have class, and if you do this again, so help me God, I will DESTROY YOU with with the rage that is so powerful and mighty that I will smack your face off of your face.

This isn’t over until I say it’s over.


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