My Commute to School

So I’m driving to school and I can’t help but notice that the girl that is behind me is putting her make-up on. Yes, doing that while driving. And I’m not talking like Chap Stick or lip balm or whatever girls call the stuff, I’m talking eye make-up. Stuff that doesn’t need to be done in a moving car for the fact that she could run into a car or get rear ended and that little pencil thing go straight into her eye.

I can barely change the radio and drive and she’s putting on make-up.

I’m assuming she was running late to class this morning and what baffles me is the fact that she was still putting on make-up. All the girls I know wouldn’t be worrying about their appearance if they running late to class. I mean, if this girl was so worried, why in the heck did she not wake up sooner? Did you have a late night watching Pretty Little Liars or Wizards of Waverly Place marathon on Disney? Little too stressed out from taking a (singular) science class (with no lab) that makes you study for two hours a day? Do you have a HUGE project to do at the end of the semester and really the only thing you have to do is cut and paste stuff?!

Whoa… where did that come from? That came WAY out of left field. I digress.

If texting and driving is such a problem, what about driving and putting on make-up? Show me that statistic.


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