Why Sorority Girls?

I’ve been seeing a lot of sorority girls wear the outfit of leggings as pants, midcalfs (socks that are usually “fuzzy”) over them, running shoes, and an overly sized cotton t-shirt that would be huge on my roommate, Austin, who is 6’6″ and looks like a grizzly bear.

My only question is why?

That’s not cute at all. I don’t know what you’re trying to go for in your style selection, but it’s not working out too well. I know you want to be comfortable, but at least make an attempt to not look like you’re making a walk of shame.

Leggings aren’t pants. In fact, every time I see a girl wearing legging as pants I think of my two friends, Emma and Hilla, that said “Aww… That poor girl forgot her pants,” every time they saw a girl like that.

As far as the midcalfs and running shoes, I know you aren’t running in those shoes. They’re pink and look brand new. There’s a higher chance of me hitting a hole in one than you actually running. We all know you’re on the elliptical doing what you call “exercise” and not sweating after 30 minutes.

And the midcalfs, they just make you look stupid. The regular midcalfs that are your typical white are meant for two reasons, boots or basketball shoes. The fuzzy kind are even worse. “Oh look at my polka dotted fuzzy midcalf socks and how cute I am.” That’s not cute. Fuzzy socks are meant to be worn at home for comfort, warmth, and to slide on the hardwood floors like a ninja. Get your crap together.

The shirt to me is the worst part of it all. What size is that? 5XL? 6XL? I know it has your sorority name or whatever party you’re having, but you don’t need all fabric. You weigh like 100 pounds and you’re wasting fabric that could be used for a good cause like making clothes for children that don’t have clothes. Oh you wanted to let everyone know about your Halloween-banana-split-kickoff-Christmas-wrapping party that NO ONE is invited to unless you’re in the sorority or a particular fraternity? Please go right ahead and waste all this fabric.

So sorority girls, why do you wear this? It’s like you’re not even trying. You have enough time to do your makeup and hair in the morning, but not get dressed? Come on, ladies. Get your priorities right and wear some normal clothes.


3 responses to “Why Sorority Girls?

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