I Hate Coffeehouses

That’s all I wanted to say. I hate them. They’re full of hippies and hipsters and fraternity and sorority people. They play the most God awful music and everyone stares at me when I walk inside of them.

“What’s HE doing here?”

“He uses a PC? What a goon.”

“He looks clean and his clothes match. That’s so 2011.”

I came here to study like you aren’t doing. I’ve got rights you know, hippie?

I use a PC because I’d rather have a computer that was meant for actual work and not photoshop and projects for your save the rainforest avant-garde independent short film about rotten fruit and how it symbolizes the oppression that you felt from your parents as a child.

I’m clean and my clothes match because that’s what you’re supposed to do, dirty hippie.

Sigh… I’m such an angry person. But then again, I’d rather walk in and feel welcomed and not like I’m part of the problem in America because I’m part of the right-winged conservatives conspiracy to end the world.


6 responses to “I Hate Coffeehouses

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