The Awkward Moment Before an Exam

So I’ve finished the first round of tests this week. I feel like I did pretty well. I studied hard and read my notes like any person would do for a test.

I like to do the same ritual before every test I take. I read over my notes a few more times to straighten up any details I haven’t quite gotten down, I eat something, I go to the bathroom, then walk into the room to take my test. When I sit down, I close my eyes and try and focus on the task at hand, take a few deep breaths to slow my heart rate down, and just try and shut the outside world out. Usually works, no one ever bothers me……but there’s always a chance of someone freaking talking to me.

Like the other day for instance, I just walked into the exam room, sat down, and just chilling there before the test and then…

Random girl sitting next to me: Hey are you ready for the test?

Me: …what?

Girl: Are you ready for the exam?

Me: I mean I studied and all for…

Girl: Oh me too! I studied all night for it. I read over my notes and the book and even made this neat study guide for it!

Me: That is pretty neat. There’s a lot of colors on it.

Girl: I know! I color my notes and study guides like that! I have to do that! I remember stuff better like that! I will like taking a test and thinking “What color was that under?” and I’ll be like “Oh that was in red or blue or sea foam green” and I’ll write down what was in that color.

Me: I may need to try tha…

Girl: You should TOTALLY try it! It’s so great! It works for me! It should work for you!

Me (what I’m thinking): I’m gonna smack your face off of your face.
Me (what I actually said): Totally.

The test was handed out and we took it and this girl actually did what she said she does. If she didn’t know something she thought about what color she wrote it in and said the color OUT LOUD.

Not only was I distracted, I was out of my element. The girl had gotten into my metaphorical kitchen and rattled my pots and pans. So now I may or may not have to kill a girl with all of her colorful markers because she made me fail an exam.

…mostly may.


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