Why I Write the Blog

My girlfriend calls me an attention whore. I guess she’s right in a sense. The reason being for the name calling is due to the fact that I want her to share my blog with other people. I ask all of my friends to do that. I want views on the blog.

Ok, yes, that sounds selfish, but the truth behind me wanting more views is I want to make people laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine.

It is said in the Bible.

…and proven by science.

Yes, I make fun of people (like sorority girls and hipsters at coffeehouses) and situations (like trips to Taco Bell and date nights with my lady), but I like doing it. It makes me laugh and makes my day so much better. I feel joy in my life from little things in life that at the moment make me angry or want to punch people in the face, but I when I look back on them, I laugh. To me, that’s what life is all about, finding humor in everything even it’s not when it happens. It’s all about the silver lining.

That reminds me of a story that was told to me by one of the greatest golf coaches of all time: Bob Ellis. When he is playing golf and he hits a bad shot he thinks of his wife. He said that his wife was in a Russian POW camp when she was a little girl during World War II. The only clothes she had were the clothes of dead Nazi s that washed up on shore. He then said that she was so happy the day that the Russian guards gave them a half eaten, rotten potato to eat. He then tells himself “Well it’s not so bad over there.”

That’s how I try to live. Finding the humor in the little things in life, and that’s why I write the blog. I want people to get a laugh from it all and that’s why I want people to share my blog. I want people to get a laugh from the things that I find funny.

You may think it’s selfish to ask people to share my blog so I can get views every day, but the way I’m looking at it, that’s just more people laughing with me every day. So if you feel like you want to share the blog, go right on ahead and do it.

Do it for a giggle.


Say something about the blog, yo.

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