Michael, Church, and Video Games

So my friend Michael was telling me about this story about when he was a kid and how he loved to play video games, especially Donkey Kong.

When he was a kid he said he stayed up really late on a Saturday night and play Donkey Kong until 2:00am. His family got up and went to church the next morning. During the service he started nodding off because he was so tired. His parents gave him the keys their car and told him to go take a nap in the car and they’d be out after church.

Now, let me tell you something about Michael. This guy knows more about cars than anyone I’ve ever met. He knows how they work and told me he could have written a thesis on how to start a car when he was 7 or 8, which is around the time this story is taking place. This guy is freaking smart.

…but he lacks in the “common sense” department.

He got in the car and passed out in the back seat and left the car on, but not running. He said he KNEW that you can’t do this with a car battery for very long when he was a kid. When his parents got back to the car, the car was dead. They had to wait for someone to jump it off and it took them a few hours longer to get home.

That’s not really the funny part. He told me that his plan was to stay up late Saturday night, fall asleep in church so he can go to sleep in the car, and then get home ASAP after church and be rested up to play more Donkey Kong that day. This whole thing was premeditated and he couldn’t quite pull it off.

The lesson here? God thinks Donkey Kong sucks and Mortal Kombat is better.


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