The Psychotic Smoke Alarm

I live in an apartment that has the worst smoker alarms ever.

Like this morning I got up and made some toast for a bacon and egg sandwich. Seems simple, right? False. As soon as I press the plunger down to start the toast making process, the alarm goes off. I went through two movements (bowel and physical) when it went off. It scared the mess out of me, but I got a towel and waved off what “smoke” that was around the detector.

As soon as it stopped beeping my toast popped up. I walked over, grabbed the toast, and I’ll be damned if the alarm didn’t go off again!

I let out a roar of anger at the fact that this would happen twice within only a few minutes! I repeated the drill of fanning “smoke” away from it and even opened a window. It stopped beeping.

I went into my room and ate my sandwich and enjoyed my morning in peace. I walked back into the kitchen and cleaned up my mess and went and took a shower. While I was getting out, the freaking alarm goes off for the third time. It startled me to the point that I fell out of the shower.

Now I’m walking around campus with this limp all because of the psychotic smoke alarm.


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