Another Date Night with Meg


So everyone by now knows the story of the date night fail that Meg and I had. Well this night was no different.

I get out of class on Friday afternoon and we go see Act of Valor which is a total man movie.

After the movie we wanted to get something to eat before we went to the baseball game. We walked in and we’re two of six people in there. The two people working and these two guys. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Just some guys playing some cards.” Oh how wrong you are! They’re playing some devil magic, Pokemon, hippy, whatever the heck game. Not only that, they’re yelling at each other about who played what card and who is dead or however you play the game.

During all of this, we try to order and not laugh in their faces about how ridiculous they’re being. I could barely hold the camera still to catch this picture.

They eventually left after they ate and yelled at the owner about their checks and how they needed to hurry up to get to band practice.

Shoutout to Meg’s shoulder in the picture.


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