Getting Stabbed at Church Camp

I had just graduated from high school and every summer my church youth group (along with several other churches) took a trip to different places in Texas to help people repair damages to their homes, paint, build wheelchair ramps, and things along those lines. We work for a week and it usually goes according to plan.

This particular work week started out no different than the others. We met our groups, got our worksites, planned the rest of the week out, and went to bed. We all woke up, had breakfast, and went to work. Everyone did this. It was like clockwork.

By Wednesday or Thursday, I’m pretty much exhausted. Working in the Texas heat and manual labor was catching up to me so I thought I’d hit the sack early. When I got to my room that I shared with all the guys at the camp, every bed was deflated. My pastor from my church was on the other end of the room airing up his mattress while I aired mine up that was by the door. Slowly, more and more guys showed up and saw that everyone’s mattresses were flat. One guy (“Andrew”) said “I know the guy who did this, and I’m gonna get him back.”

“Andrew” took the plug off of the guy’s air mattress that was right next to mine (“John”). “John” shows up with a huge smirk on his face like he thought he had gotten away with his crime. He watches everyone airing up all their mattresses and he thinks he’s pulled the perfect prank. As he bends down to start airing up his mattress he notices he doesn’t have a plug.

“Alright, who took it?”

Everyone stands in silence.

“Seriously, who took my plug?”

Silence again.

At this point “John’s” temper is running short. “Give me back my plug!”


“John” then explodes in a rage and pulls out a knife that looks like it 1. has been used to kill something and 2. was about as big as a machete. “IF NO ONE GIVES ME BACK MY PLUG I’M GONNA CUT EVERYONE.”

Keep in mind, I’m right next to him in my sleeping bag already so my movement is limited due to the fact that I’m frozen in fear and I may have pooped myself. My pastor (on the other side of the room/the last person that would be stabbed) is trying to be calm and tell him and everyone in the room to “put the knife down” and “no one is going to get stabbed.”

“Andrew” gave him the plug back and all order was restored………kinda.

We all fell asleep (or tried to anyway) to “John” sharpening his knife and playing with a lighter. The next morning, no one sat next to him because by now the story of the attempted stabbing had spread like wildfire. His knife and lighter were taken away and we finished up the rest of the week.

I had to throw away my sleeping bag too.


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