The Friday before Spring Break

I hate my major. It’s biology. Mainly because everyone I know asks me if I’m going to be a doctor and then I have to disappoint them. There’s really only three things I can do with my major: professional school (medical, dentistry, pharmacy, etc), go into graduate school and do research, or live with my parents until I’m 40 reliving moments in my life and asking myself over and over where did I go wrong?

Well I think I hate my professors more than my actual major. It’s Friday. The Friday before Spring Break at that.

What sucks is that it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and I’m in class learning about God knows what. My professors won’t cancel classes for anything. They could be shot, run over by a car, and be dragging their bodies into the lecture hall with their teeth and we’d still have class. If they’re in really bad shape, we’ll have a guest speaker and then 75% of questions on the exam are from that lecture, but you don’t know what to study because English is their second language and they talk about things that have nothing to do with the class your taking or anything biologically relevant.

Not only do they do that with guest lecturers, they do that with their own material. I had a professor use PowerPoint slides that they posted online that she would talk about in detail to the point that my pen ran out of ink during the middle of lectures and the test would be over everything not over the slides. What’s cruel is that they said that “all exam questions come from the PowerPoint slides.”

The cruel doesn’t stop at exams though. They always schedule stuff to be due after a major holiday. Like after Thanksgiving this past year, I come back and have a test to take the Monday I get back. This spring break, I have to write a paper over a research paper over fruit flies, and if you’ve ever read a paper over fruit flies you know that you’d rather rather play in traffic with rusty scissors.

All my non-biology major friends are always excited because they get to sleep in because their professors cancelled class this morning “Just because they wanted to.” I forgot what it’s like to sleep in period. All my friends say that their Friday classes this week were cancelled so Thursday afternoon their Spring breaks started.

So while they’re enjoying taking tequila shots from belly buttons of hot college coeds and getting hammered drunk on a beach somewhere with MTV and Lil’ Wayne, I’m sitting outside of my last class typing this on the Friday before Spring Break and my professors won’t cancel class.

I got to close this blog now because my professor doesn’t allow phones in class. Sigh…


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