The Time Andrew Fell Out of a Tree

So Andrew was climbing this tree in our grandmother’s front yard. His brother, Jordan, and I are standing there watching him make his ascent to the top. This tree is old (and dead) and Jordan and I warn him not to climb it. He ignores our warnings and keeps climbing.

Branch by branch, he slowly makes it to the top. The smile on Andrew’s face gets bigger and bigger while the sound of the crack of the branches gets louder and louder. Now, I want you to imagine someone’s face going pure joy to sheer terror as the branch underneath their feet snaps. Now imagine said person dropping 20 feet onto their back and going limp as soon as they hit the ground. This was Andrew.

Jordan and I ran over to him then called 911. The ambulance came and took him to the emergency room. We rode in the back with him trying to get a response from him. He was limp, but he finally woke up. He was loopy and dizzy. A sigh of relief came over the both of us.

We’re still at the hospital, waiting for the results of his CT scan. The doctor says he may have a concussion, but not a broken neck.


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