Jesus Wouldn’t Sit Out

Lately I’ve been getting updates on my phone for baseball (Opening Day: April 5, 2012) and other sports and it has been a lot of injury news. Some of the injuries sicken me to the point of me wanting to stick my in the microwave and hoping my head explodes.

“…starting the year off on the DL with a sore elbow.”

“…out for game due to flu-like symptoms.”

“…injured pinky. Out indefinitely.”

Are you KIDDING me?!

You’re getting paid millions of dollars a year and you’re going to miss a few weeks, let alone a game, because you stumped your toe this morning on your solid gold statue of yourself? Give me a break.

That to me is what is wrong with sports today. People are too soft. Andre Ethier essentially said that he “didn’t feel like playing today so [he] sat out,” during his 25+ game hitting streak in 2011. He had some bumps and bruises.

I bet Cal Ripkin wanted to sit out a few times. I bet Michael Jordan wanted to sit out in 1997 too. You know why they didn’t sit out? They were men.  None of this prissy “I can’t play because I’m a little sore” hippy crap. Man up!

The leagues are making it that way. You can’t do anything that will get anyone hurt. Look at football. Touch the quarterback, that’s a flag/suspension. Tackle a guy wrong, that’s a flag/suspension. Start a bounty program, that’s a flag/suspension. All because they “don’t want people to get hurt.” Why not hand out juice boxes and orange slices after the games when everyone gets a participation ribbon because they tried really hard? Sounds like a soccer game to me.

You know who didn’t give up because they were tired or sore? Jesus. He died for your sins and you’re out of a game because of a pinky toe sprain. Oh it’s fine. I’ll just wear this crown of thorns and a have nails driven through my hands and feet after being mercilessly beaten to a pulp after being denied by one of my disciples for only 30 pieces of silver. You go on and sit out this one. I hope you feel terrible now.

I’m tired of reading and hearing about people getting “hurt” when clearly all they need is some ice, Advil, or maybe even a hefty dose of sucking it up and playing like a man. Remember this is America and we play real sports. Sports that can hurt you and maybe even kill you. Man up or move to a country that has soccer.


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