Hemp Car and Time Travel

So I read somewhere that an engineer has made a car that runs on hemp. I know people who run on hemp, and if that car is anything like them, it’s not going to be very reliable.

I had to rent a car the other day while my truck was in the shop and I found out that my favorite feature on the car was the button that I could push to turn the passenger airbag off. People get in the car with me and start complaining about how I drive “What are you trying to do? Get us killed?!” I just reached over and “Not us.” *click*

That car also had an AM/PM feature on the clock. That to me was a little unnecessary. I mean, does it really matter? If you have to know if it’s AM or PM when you start driving, you probably shouldn’t be driving.

I’ll tell you what a car needs is the date in it. I can never remember the date. I’ll ask people what the date is, and they’ll look at me like I’m crazy. It’s the 16th, you idiot! Geez, buy a calendar! And I always like to add a little crazy fuel to the fire and I’ll grab them and say, “No, what year is it?!”

“…if you could point me to the nearest time machine, that would be awesome.”


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