Ginger Rage

I’m on the bus and this ginger girl is on the bus that is throwing a hissy fit about her boss and what she’s having to do for him in the lab.

He makes me do this.

He makes me do that.

He came and woke me up from a nap to say “Do your job.” I was so hung over and maybe got 3 hours of sleep.

It’s kind of scary. Gingers are naturally angry people on account they have no souls. This girl is a total wildcard. I don’t know what is about to happen. She could just be venting about her boss telling her to “do her job” and could get over it pretty quickly.

…or this could be the thing that pushes her over the edge and starts killing everyone on the bus to steal our souls! All 4 of us are in danger! I’m already late for class! I can’t be losing my soul!

Drive fast bus driver. This ginger is looking pretty sketchy.


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