Not a Fighter

I recently found out that I’m not a fighter. I got punched in the face a lot by a guy and it was then I realized that I shouldn’t do that for a living. I hung up the gloves with an 0-1 record.

Have you ever been in a fight and just been so impressed by the other guy that you knew you shouldn’t be fighting him? That happened to me. I swung at him and he ducked then came up and punched me. I was like, “Ow! That was freaking cool!”

I ended up with two black eyes which is the maximum number you can get. The worst part though is not the fact I got punched in the face over and over, but a guy came and broke the fight up. No big deal until he started beating the other guy up. He said he felt sorry for me and wanted to do something about it.

I came in third in a fight. How embarrassing.


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