Walt Is Not A Cat Person

The first year that A&M played Arkansas in Cowboys Stadium, Red Rocket, Walt, and I went to Austin’s parent’s house to stay the night before the game. Austin was going to stay in his childhood bed (with Toy Story sheets) and someone was going to stay in the guest bedroom. I wanted to stay in there because I didn’t want to sleep on the floor; neither did Walt or Rocket.

To settle the score, the three of us played a game of 21. In comparison to Walt and Rocket, I’m the greatest basketball player of all time, but in comparison to an actual basketball player I’m like Christopher Reeve. Too soon?

I won and got to sleep in the bed, but I found out that the guest room is decorated with cats. I mean, a lot of cats. I cannot put enough emphasis on the creepiness on the amount of cats in this room and the awkward picture of Austin posing for senior pictures. I immediately forfeited the room to Walt because he was exhausted. He gets into bed and falls asleep.

He says in the middle of the night he wakes up to the creepy feeling of someone staring at him. He opens his eyes to see a cat laying on top of him, staring deep into his soul. Walt then said that he passed out from pure shock that a cat was laying on him.

The next morning, Walt said that he would never stay in that room as long as he lives and is now deathly afraid of cats.


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