Congratulations to PGA Tour Pro Jason Dufner for his win at the HP Byron Nelson Championship.

As y’all will come to learn, I love golf, and follow the PGA Tour almost religiously. I’ve become a fan of several players and Dufner is one of them. It helps that he’s a SEC guy and swings Titleist clubs. He’s been on fire lately, following up his first ever Tour win at the Zurich Classic a couple of weeks ago with another W this weekend. If all of those aren’t reasons to like somebody, then let me point your attention to the photo below.


Just a little background. This picture was taken on Masters Thursday on the 15th green at Augusta National. If you look closely (not that you could miss it), you’ll see that he’s got in the worlds biggest snooter, and he’s not too worried about it. He’s at arguably the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, and he’s dipping. S E C, S E C, S E C.

In case you’re wondering about the title, snuff+Dufner=Snufner. Start spreading the word, we’re gonna make it his official nickname. Don’t count him out in tournaments, he’s a pretty clutch player and if you doubt him, he’ll just shower you in dip spit.

Y’all take care,


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2 responses to “Snufner

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  2. I’ve heard of a pinch of snuff and I know a lot of people who get a “three finger man dip,” but this is rediculous. That’s half a can! I don’t care what he’s dipping, he’s dipping like a freaking man!


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