The Tour Visor

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of the visor, not the low pro softball visors. I’m talking about the full on high profile, big, nasty, 1980’s tour visor. These are the third greatest thing ever invented, behind fire, and the lawnmower. When I become ruler of the world, the low pro visor will go the way the AMC Pacer. Besides being stylish, they’re also intimidating both on and off of the course. You can pull them down over your eyes, Chad Cordero style, without exposing 7 inches of forehead. One condition of wearing this visors is you have to have lettuce that would make Lance Berkman jealous. Do it right and you’ll look as cool as this guy.

I’ve been “collecting” tour visors for a couple of years now. By “collecting” I mean, buying one just about every time I see it and sticking them in the closet somewhere. I do have a rotation that gets serious play on the course, at the bar, on the boat, while cutting grass, pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Last time I counted, I had 11 visors, I’m sure by the time I post again I’ll have picked up another one somewhere. Oh well….


These stay on my dash almost all of the time. They are…

  • Titleist Tour Visor – one navy blue, one khaki
  • Masters Visor – white, and a green one at home
  • Beaumont Country Club – one white, one black
  • Bridgestone – white
  • Ping Bubba Visor – that’s right Bubba. Reserved for the days I feel like bombing it.

Not pictured are Seminole Country Club, Southern Proper, and the creme of the crop, Traditions Club. More one that last one at a later date.

Y’all take care,


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