Man Has an Accident with a Nail Gun

So there was a news story a while back about a guy who cut his hand off with a circular saw at the construction job that he had. He was in so much pain and wanted to die from it, he picked up a nail gun and shot himself in the head……twelve times.

Shot himself.

In the head.

Twelve times.

I don’t know if any of you have used a nail gun, but it is not an automatic weapon. If you want to shoot yourself with 12 nails, you have to pull the trigger 12 times. Heck, after three I would be looking for some rope or something else.

That’s not the dumbest part of the story. He goes to the hospital and they’re able to reattach his hand, but they couldn’t get all the nails out of his head.

So I’m talking up a collection. I’d like for you to send in a dollar towards a plaque that says “World’s Biggest Idiot” and hang it from the nail sticking out of his forehead.

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