The Want List: Land Rover Defender 90


The ultimate man’s vehicle. It makes a Hummer look like a Little Tykes and a Jeep like a Hot Wheels. These are probably the toughest vehicles you’ll ever find. I once saw one that had trekked a million miles through Africa, had a hole place in a side panel by a Rhinoceros and was still ticking. Name seven things cooler than that, don’t worry, I’ll wait. Land Rover quit importing these to the States in the 90’s because they didn’t want to change their engines to conform to US emissions regulations (thanks a lot Al Gore) and life hasn’t been the same since.  There have been rumors circulating that an updated version is going to be rereleased Stateside in the near future, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming about how much more awesome I would be if I had one of these. All that being said, If y’all ever see one of these for sale and you’re feeling really generous, pick it up for me. I’ll be your best friend for life and then some.

until next time,


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