Jiggle Once Then Wait

Recently I was on my way home and I had to stop off at a gas station to relieve my bladder. I walk into the bathroom and shut the door and you know the whole drill. Right in the middle of this someone starts jiggling the doorknob. No big deal, but they kept jiggling it. It drove me crazy. The protocol is to jiggle once, then wait. This guy didn’t though. He jiggled constantly then knocking then banging the door. Mind you, I’ve only been in the restroom for about 45 seconds.

It took everything that I had in my body not to strip down to nothing but my underwear and open the door. Uhh…… Can I help you? Sorry, buddy, you got the wrong house. Please get off my porch. I just want to see the look of confusion on the person’s face where they panic and wonder where they are.


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