It’s Friday, Friday

First off, if you’re singing Rebecca Black because of the title, go play in traffic. Please, for the sake of humanity, just go play in traffic and just end it. That’s not music, it’s garbage. You know that’s offensive to garbage. So I’m going to say it’s worse than that. I know what you’re thinking, What if Rebecca Black saw this? I hope she does and then she’ll realize that she is just awful and do us all a favor.

Next, this is ZZ Top. They’re from Texas so they’re automatically better than anyone you can name. Staffen tried to tell me that Coldplay was just as good. After I beat her mercilessly with a wiffleball bat, I told her she was wrong on two levels:

  1. She can’t compare music from a band that is from a country that got their butts handed to them in the Revolutionary War to a band that is from a state that beat the Mexicans while they were taking a nap to win their own independence.
  2. She’s a woman.

This is music. REAL music. None of this hippie boy band anyone can be a music star “if you can dream it, you can do it” crap that people listen to today. It’s giving me a headache.


It’s Friday. Friday means pay day to some people. TGIF! Am I right? Of course I am. It’s a celebration!


5 responses to “It’s Friday, Friday

    • The fact that you were talking about them at the same time without saying the phrase “Coldplay sucks a bbd compared to ZZ Top” makes you automatically hate the state of Texas and ultimately want to make-out with General Antonio López de Santa Anna.



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