Yoga Pants Everyday Girl

So I’m in my evolution class. The girl who sits in front of me is wearing yoga pants. No big deal, but she’s worn the same yoga pants everyday this week. Monday she wore yoga pants. Tuesday she wore yoga pants. Wednesday, Thursday, and now today, she wore the same yoga pants.

Maybe she has several pair? Valid observation, but would they all have the EXACT SAME STAIN ON THE LEFT LEG ON EVERY PAIR?! I wouldn’t think so unless she’s some type of crazy OCD personality type and has to have everything the same or she’ll think the sun will explode or something like that. (Keyword: crazy). Isn’t that what OCD people do? Do crazy things to prevent things from happening? I saw some thing on MTV’s True Life about it. (I lost the remote and it was the only thing on TV. One girl couldn’t turn left. Or was that the entire movie of Zoolander? Oh well.)

Is that weird that I’ve noticed that or weird that I may be the only one noticing this?


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