The Cubbies Suck

There’s a guy I see on campus wearing a Chicago Cubs hat all the time. Never been to Chicago, don’t plan on going there, but I know for a fact that the Cubs are awful.

Poor guy roots for the Cubbies. They’re last in the league, meaning they’re worse than the Astros who lost 106 last year. Those 106 losses by the Astros is almost as many years it’s been since the Cubs won a World Series (last won 1907 = 104).

It sucks knowing that a Billy Goat is the only reason that you can’t win a World Series. You and Boston are in the same class with the curse business. Oh wait, no they’re not. Boston broke their “curse” the good old fashioned way, not being terrible.

I bet it hurts knowing that Steve Bartman is the greatest outfielder in Marlins history. You can’t blame him for losing the game for you. It’s determined on the playing field. Do you remember Mark Prior hanging the 0-2 curveball to Pudge Rodriguez the next batter? No? Well it happened and 8 runs, 7 games, and a Josh Beckett gem later, the Marlins are World Series Champions.

I’m glad I don’t root for the Cubs. Yeah, I’m a Rangers fan and yes my heart hurts knowing that we were one strike away from winning it all…twice. Still not a Cubs fan. Praise the Lord. I’d probably drink myself to death or go on a killing spree.

Sucks to suck, Cubbies.


2 responses to “The Cubbies Suck

  1. Fine the Cubs suck, but Chicago’s badass as long as you don’t go in February. And Dark Knight was filmed there. Who doesn’t want to visit Batman’s city (other than Gotham).


    • Well you’ve convinced me to go. I’m a sucker for Batman and not being balls cold in February. I’m looking up flights to head up there now. What could we do? Eat hotdogs and talk about MJ? Because I’m for it.


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