Hedgehogs Are Brown Not Blue

Today in class I was offered a hedgehog. Pretty sure I made a face when I turned and looked at the girl who offered it to me. I don’t know if she was serious or trying to play some type of mental terrorism Jedi mind trick on me, but here’s how the conversation went.

Girl: Umm… Excuse me? Would you like to buy a hedgehog?

Me: What?

Girl: A hedgehog. Would you like to buy it?

Me: A hedgehog?

Girl: Yeah. My sister has it and my mom is making her get rid of it. I was just going around asking people if they wanted to buy it.

Me: A hedgehog? How does one get a hedgehog?

Girl: Well my sister bought it and she is going off to school soon and can’t take it with her so my mom wanted her to get rid of it. Are you interested?

Me: Is he blue?

Girl: No? He’s brown. I think all hedgehogs are brown, not blue.

Me: Does he run really fast?

Girl: Not really. He’s kind of slow.

Me: Does he get really excited about gold rings?

Girl: …I…I…I don’t really know what that means.

Me: Sigh… You don’t get the Sonic the Hedgehog reference.

Girl: Who is Sonic? Like the drive through place?

Me: You’ve never heard of Sonic the Hedgehog? On Sega Genesis? It’s a classic.

Girl: Sega Genesis?

Me: Take your business elsewhere.

Girl: Oh. Ok. Well tell your friends about it!

Me: (sarcastically) Oh… I will tell the masses.

So here I am readers, telling you about the girl with the hedgehog that doesn’t get Sonic references or old school gaming systems. I am insulted by the youth of today and embarrassed that I called a group of people that are just a few years younger than me “youth.”

Sigh… I am getting old.


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