Happy Birthday to the Red Rocket

Today The Red Rocket turns 22. He is the baby of the group. This is what he looked like freshman year of college.


Look at that ginger ‘fro. Good Lord that’s a lot of hair. I keep telling him to it back out, but no, he thinks he looks goofy and it’s “too much trouble.”

The ladies love red hair. Something about being the hybrid crossbreed mutant form of Homo sapiens and a Neanderthal making a freak baby or it being exotic. I personally don’t care for it because I hate the smell of sunscreen. His siblings have red hair too. Their whole house smells like SPF 1000, but they have a game room and a pool. Pretty epic.

So say happy birthday to Rocket on twitter or on Facebook. He loves the attention. Here’s he and his girlfriend.


Not really. That’s Jenn Brown. She works for ESPN. Could you imagine him pulling a girl like that? Heck, I can’t imagine me pulling a girl like that. Oh well. Tell him happy birthday.


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