Maddawg is Having a Brown Bear

Maddawg and Brent. Guess which one is Brent.

That’s a picture of my friends Maddie and Brent. They’re having a baby together. They’ve already named Nahla Rose (I’m calling her GM for “Good Maddie”). I made the mistake of saying, “Maddie, you’ve gained a little weight since you’ve moved back home. Put the fork down every now and then.”

Uhh… Jay, Brent and I are having a baby together. Did you not know that?

Yes, I do feel like an ass. Anyway, we all went out to eat. What I noticed about hanging out with a very pregnant girl is that people come up and rub her belly. It’s weird. They ask her, “What do you have in there?” It takes everything in my body not to ask those people to guess.

They’re having a brown bear. Yes, breastfeeding is going to be miserable.

I wonder why people do that. Is it because that shape is fun to rub? I bet truck drivers get their bellies rubbed all the time if that’s the case.

“What do you have in there?”

Gravy and taters! Get off me boy!


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