Cartoons and World Issues

I’m balancing my checkbook and drinking coffee with my parents. We’re talking about the issues of the world. I feel like a regular adult, but I’m also watching cartoons. Yes, I am 22 years old and still watching cartoons.

Is that bad?

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m kind of obsessed with Regular Show on Cartoon Network. It’s a great program. I recommend it. People my age wouldn’t dare watch cartoons. They think it’s immature and I need to grow up.

Nah, can’t do it. I grew up watching them, why stop now? I’m a child at heart. Probably explains why I’m single. Oh well.

Where was I going with this post? Ah yes, my question is should I stop watching cartoons?

Seriously, should I?


4 responses to “Cartoons and World Issues

  1. No, you should not stop watching cartoons. I am also 22 and still watch cartoons. No point in stopping now. That would be wrong. 🙂


    • Let me tell you something, I get up to go to work early in the morning and Looney Tunes is on Cartoon Network. I have to call work and tell them I’m going to be late because I watch it all the time.


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