Rocket Tried to Steal My Blanket

We got back from floating the Guadalupe River yesterday afternoon. It was just a weekend trip with a bunch of friends. We hung out and had a few adult beverages when we got to the house we were staying at on Friday night.

Around midnight we all decided to hit the sack. I was stuck on the couch and Rocket and Skrzypczak (Rocket’s current roommate) won the flip for the pullout couch. As I’m laying down, Rocket gets a text from the girl he brought on the trip to come back downstairs and hang out and watch a movie. Skrzypczak and I said that he needed to get in bed and “let it simmer.” He didn’t listen and left.

We both are asleep when at 3:07AM, Rocket rolls into the room. I wake up and he is standing over me shivering begging me for a blanket as he’s trying to pull it off of me.

“Please, can I have a blanket? I am so cold. I’m shivering. Please?”

When I wake up from a slumber before I want to, I react like my father, angrily. You can imagine how I sounded when I told him to get his to get in bed in Skrzypczak. No, you can’t have my blanket. Get your butt in bed. It is 3AM. We told you to get in bed a long time ago and let it simmer, but you don’t want to listen to us. You had to go chase after her. I’m glad you’re cold because that’s the karma you’re feeling now.


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