Bat Flip for Green Man

If you are a regular reader of the blog you know that I love baseball and I love playing MLB 12 The Show. I mean love playing. Think World of Warcraft nerd only with baseball. If you aren’t familiar with the game, they have a mode called Road to the Show, and you create your own player and try to make it to the pros. I, of course, created myself. I’m a centerfielder and got drafted by the Houston Astros. Yes, I wanted to start over, but I thought if I can make it to Triple-A, I have a shot of playing in The Show.

Anyway, I play a year a Double-A Corpus Christi. I get called up to Triple-A Oklahoma City the next year. Around the trade deadline I get traded to Triple-A Durham (Tampa Bay Rays). I spend the rest of the year there and the following year in Triple-A. In the 2015 season I get called up. I made it to The Show!

I play a year and sign a contract at the end of the year for 6 years. For the first 5 of that contract I developed into an All-Star player that can hit for average and power and known to flash the leather in the outfield and speed on the base paths. I became the best outfielder in the game. I had an MVP season leading the AL in homeruns and RBIs and coming in 2nd in the batting race. I missed the Triple Crown.

Entering the last year of my contract the Rays have only finished above .500 once and that was the only time that we finished not in fourth or fifth in the AL East. We were bad, but I did my part. I hit the ball hard, flashed the leather, and destroyed Boston pitching in Fenway.

After the All-Star Game, I was traded to the Phillies. Once in Philly, I started a huge rally the second half of the season. I hit for 58 HR, 169 RBI, won the NL MVP, and Hank Aaron award. On top of all of that we won the division with a 10 game lead.

We breezed through the NLDS versus Cincinnati and swept them. I hit in the walk-off RBI in Game 6 versus Milwaukee to force Game 7 which we won. We made it to the World Series! I hit another walk-off game winner in Game 2 to tie the series at 1 versus Boston. Remember how I said I destroyed Boston’s pitching in Fenway? Well I hit 2 HR in Game 4 to take the 3-1 series lead. We lose Game 5. That sets up Game 6 in Philly. We are winning the whole game and Boston comes back to tie the game at 6 and then take the lead 7-6.

So it is the bottom of the ninth, there’s a runner on first, two outs, and I walk up to bat. I was going up to the plate to win the World Series. I was about to live a dream that every boy that has played baseball has dreamed. To answer your question, yes, I was nervous for a fictitious, video game at-bat. First pitch: ball, 1-0. Second pitch: strike high, 1-1. Third pitch: ball inside, 2-1. By this point I’m about a foot away from the screen. Next pitch: fastball belt high and a little inside. Bat flip. Walk off homerun to centerfield. Phillies win 8-7 and are World Series Champions. I was named the NL playoff MVP and World Series MVP.

All that being said, I just signed 3 year $13.5 million deal with Philly and the only thing I can think is, “…and I will toss on Green Man…and run around the field…and go crazy as Green Man.”

That’s a quote from Charlie on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia while they’re getting ready for the World Series when the Phillies made it back in 2008.The whole point of this blog was just to say the Green Man quote from It’s Always Sunny. I was hoping to find a video of the gang getting ready, but I can’t because it’s not on YouTube. I feel like I’ve wasted your time. Oh well. Here’s a GIF of Green Man and the Philly Phanatic dancing. Go watch the episode “World Series Defense” on hulu or something. You’ll get the reference then.



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