Apple Inc. vs. Jaybird

Apple Support is awful. They are really bad at what they do. They send you on wild goose chase to find the answer only to not get an answer at all. I am livid right now because of this.

Here’s the situation. I got an email the other day saying that all my information on my iTunes was changed. I didn’t change it. No one I know has changed it. I contact them and they said that I need to go to a website to change my password. I can’t change it because my Apple ID doesn’t exist. They said they would need me to pay $30 for me to be able to talk to them any longer than the 2 minutes I was on the phone with them.

What the hell?

My phone is not working and you’re going to try to charge me $30 just to talk to you? You are on crack. If you were to come to the hospital with a gunshot wound in your chest, and you are bleeding out, you wouldn’t want me to ask you for $30 before you can see a doctor? No you would not. Same thing here. I want help with my phone and they don’t want to give it to me. It’s a load a crap.

I just want my phone to be normal and work like it is supposed to when I need it. I sometimes wonder how anyone could be so stupid and have the title of “genius” associated with their names. It took everything I had not to get in my truck and not drive to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, 95014 (Apple Inc. Headquarters) and start giving everyone a lesson in manners the way only a true Texan would, yelling out “Fill your hands,” and go all John Wayne/Clint Eastwood/Walker Texas Ranger on their hippie butts, but that would require me going to California. Does that seem harsh? Personally I think that’s a warning and I’m letting them off easy. Rooster Cogburn is rolling over in his grave right now knowing that justice is not being served for the wrongdoing that is going on right now!

This isn’t over Apple. You may have won this battle, but you have not won the war. You’re messing with Texas. You don’t mess with Texas and get away with it.


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