Am I Cool Yet?

Seriously, am I yet?

I want to be cool like all the hipster kids.

…said nobody in the history of anything ever.

I don’t get people these days with all this Instagram crap. You take a picture on your phone, you make it look like you took it in 1967, and you act like you’re a professional photographer. That’s like me saying I’m a writer because I have a blog and I just happen to get views on it. The quotes on the pictures are what trip me out. A “deep” quote doesn’t make you cool or deep or smart or different than everyone else. Being smart is what makes you smart. Being cool is what makes you cool. Taking a picture on your phone is what everyone else does so technically, you’re like everyone else.

Your move hipster.


One response to “Am I Cool Yet?

  1. And that’s okay too. Just being yourself and not worrying about being cool or smart or taking a freaking picture.


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