Jaybird Flipping the Bird

I’m was on my way home this past weekend and to get back to my hometown, you must drive on some farm-to-market roads that have no shoulders and are in the middle of the country. As I’m driving, I get stuck behind a lady driving a Prius going 10 miles under the speed limit. The road winds and goes up and down some hills, so I understand why she was driving slow. There are only a few spots on this road that you can pass safely, and I wanted to pass so I could get home.

First opportunity I had to pass her, a truck was coming the other way, so I had to sag back behind her. No big deal.

The next time I tried to pass her, she sped up so I couldn’t pass. I had to slow down and get back behind her. I could see this woman throwing a fit in front of me. I was chuckling then she shot me the finger. People have shot me the finger before, but she kept going crazy and slowing down then speeding up and shooting me the finger.

Engage Angry Jaybird and challenge accepted.

I got about 6 inches away from her bumper and just blared the horn. When I had the opportunity to pass, I turned to her and went double barrel bird flipping and mouthed some profanity towards her.

I’m glad I did it because I don’t want some hippie driving a Prius thinking she’s better than me and I’m ashamed that I did that knowing my grandmother taught me better.

…but my mother taught me how to shoot the finger and swear so…


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