Chili: Beans or No Beans

Rocket and I were talking about this for several days now. It’s a really big deal in the state of Texas. It’s the great debate of whether chili has beans in it or not. I don’t think, nay, I KNOW there are no beans in chili. If you put beans in chili then you’re not eating chili, you’re eating stew.

Rocket thinks that you need to put beans in chili. He is on dope. That is like wiping before you poop. It makes no sense.

“My step-mom puts beans in her homemade chili and it’s really good.”

She’s not a Texan.

“She’s from East Texas!”

No one cares. She’s doing it wrong.

Ok, I wasn’t that mean about his step-mother, but you don’t but beans in chili. Even Sheldon knows that.

Told you it doesn’t have beans in it. Sheldon knows everything about things that are relative. This is relative. If you put beans in chili and are from Texas, then you are doing it wrong and you hate the state that fought for its freedom against the Mexicans.

…and you aren’t eating chili.


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