Dr. Watson is Not a Woman

Not too thrilled about Elementary, the new show on CBS this fall. I’ll tell you what the problem is; Lucy Liu is Dr. Joan Watson. I have no problem with Lucy Liu, but I do have a problem with a woman playing the role of the sidekick of the world’s most famous detective.

First of all, John Watson is a man in every story ever written about Sherlock Holmes. I’m not sexist at all, but you can’t just go off and change the story like that. Why don’t we just change Batman into Batwoman? My computer has the red line under that word and wants me to correct it because it knows that it’s not correct and it’s stupid.

The guy who is playing Holmes looks like a tool. That’s another thing about the show that is bothering me. Holmes is not a tool. This guy is wearing a scarf and looks all metrosexual and like a hipster. I get that CBS is trying to keep up with the times to make it look modern, but this is ridiculous.

This is Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Holmes and Watson. They were the original two that portrayed the duo on radio and in the 1939 film series.


Awesome duo doing work.

Here’s Robert Downing Jr. and Jude Law in the two new movies.


Still bad asses in these movies.

This is the some scrub guy and Lucy Liu.

Holmes doesn’t wear a scarf and Watson isn’t a woman.

I’m sure Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is shaking his head right now at what CBS has done to his stories. I know I am. Who is going to play Professor Moriarty in the series? They probably won’t put him in the story or they’ll make him into a woman too. I’m sorry, but a woman can’t be the “Napoleon of crime” and mental equal of Sherlock Holmes. If that happens, I’ll go banana sandwiches crazy on CBS starting with a cricket invasion of the director’s house.





One response to “Dr. Watson is Not a Woman

  1. I had the same problem with the remake of Battlestar Galactica. Starbuck is not a feminie blonde with hormon problems. Starbuck is a hunk who gets dates. Watson isn’t an oriental woman of mixed race. Watson is a middle-aged British Surgeon who is also a dead shot with a Wembly revolver. If Hollywood doesn’t like that Hollywood can produce something else. But remember, Hollywood didn’t like Peter Jackson’s adherence to Tolkein’s novels. Holloywood claimed the movies would flop.


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