The Countdown to the End

As you may or may not know, Staffen has moved to Pittsburgh for graduate school. I’m proud of her, but when I added her on the team to write for the blog in May, I thought she’d write at least one. She obviously hasn’t done that so I have given her an ultimatum: write a blog or she’s fired.

I told her that she has until 10:00pm Sunday to produce a blog or she’s fired on top of several other embarrassing things. I’ve been sending her this all the time to let her know time is ticking.

I challenge you to tweet Staffen (@powercleanqueen) and give her all sorts of hell to write so I don’t have to embarrass her.

…or you could tweet her to tell her to stop writing so you can see me embarrass her. Your call, readers. You’re adults and can make your own decisions.

Say something about the blog, yo.

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